Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pudding Pops!!

SO since pudding pops are a thing of the past it seems and my kids love pudding I decided to give it a try...
BUT Popsicle molds are pricy and only make 4 or 6. SO I did some research and am trying this for other recipes as well!!
 Make Cook and serve box of pudding with 4 cups milk.
Make as directed on stove top till thick.
Stir in 1 cup plain yogurt or whipped toping in off the heat.
I then found these pretzel wrappers at michaels and thought to give them a try!
So when the pudding is ready fold the sleeve over and then put the funnel in.
Makes the mess easier to put in a cup so you dont drop it!!!
I put about 1/4 cup in it. DO it fast...if it gets too thick a spoon helps to get it in.
Then tie a knot on top and put in freezer!
Cut off the knotted end and peal back some of the wrapper. The wrapper peals off and the kids LOVED them!!!!!!
I also did another one thats still freezing! equal parts OJ and Coconut milk Vanilla.....It tasted like an orange juicus. SO yummy!!!!!!!! ENJOY!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sweet Sushi

To make Sweet Sushi for your class!!!

Start off making a little bit stickier rice krispy treats!

You will be making this recipe 4 times. DO NOT DO IT ALL AT ONCE.
Make it one at a time to avoid sushi being to thick.

Take two cookie sheets and line with wax paper and spray with spray coat alot!

Put 4 tablespoons of butter in saucepan and melt.
Then add 5  cups mini marshmallows and melt on low heat.
When done turn off heat and add 6 cups rice krispys.

I dont know how big your pans are but you will then put the rice krispys on like above.
Spray your hands/gloves to help spread out evenly.
Let almost cool. THEY WILL BE STICKY!!

Unwrap one fruit roll up and cut the rice krispys just under the size of the roll ups.
You will have some end pieces. Squish them together to make another piece to work with.
Then lay the rice out and put out 3 pieces of filling. You will need to cut the licorce to fit! And I made them with one and a half gummy worms. It shows two pieces but 3 lines of filling looked much better!
Then roll up the sushi and press in to a rice log.
You will then take a fruit roll up and place over the rice log. Rub it over the log to have the heat of your hand make the rollup stick!You will see rice log on each end. THEN Cut into 5 pieces!
You will them place a piece of wax paper in the container you will store them in. Place a single layer of sushi and repeat with wax paper. KEEP THEM OUT OF THE FRIDGE! Put them on the counter until you use them.
Now repeat with the other batches. Like I said in the begining do one batch at a time since you have 4.
I would cut the rice and then go back and make the next batch so I could make some while they cooled!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Target trip on first day of school.

Took my first target trip with just me and fun!!

Enjoy the bargians.


Become part of these following groups and sign up for emails for cvs, walgreens and target. I get coupons in mail and online all the time. Last week I got a 5 dollar coupon for doing a 1 minute survey from cvs.

First Deal Huggies Diapers 8.99
3.00 off manufactor coupon
2.00 off target coupon
TOTAL 3.99

Second Deal Delimex taquitos 4.58
1.50 off manufactor coupon
TOTAL 3.08

Third Deal 2 bags Snyders pretzels 3.19 each
2 manufactor coupons 1.00 off
2 Target coupons 1.00 off
TOTAL 1.19 each

Forth Deal Grapes on sale 1.98
1.00 off grocerys Target coupon
Total .98 cents

Fifth Deal 2 natural skippy peanut butter 1.79 each
Target coupon 75 cent off 2
Manufactor coupon 1.00 off 2
Total 1.83 for both

Sixth Deal 2 Kens Dressings 1.94 each
2 manufactor coupons 1.00 off each
TOTAL 1.88 total

Seventh Deal 2 Life cereal on sale 2.00 each
2 Target coupons 1.00 each
Total 2.00 or 1.00 each

Eigth deal 2 Kelloggs cereal 2.54 each
Target coupon 1.00 off two
Manufactor coupon 1.00 off two
Total 3.08 for both

Ninth Deal 2 Colgate Total 2.50 each
2 Manufactor coupons 1.00 each
2 Target coupons 1.00 each
Total 1.00 for both or .50 each

Tenth Deal Merrona shoes on clearance for 4.98
Target coupon for 3.00 off
Total 1.98 for a very cute pair shoes.

Total without coupons. 43.37
Total with coupons 22.20

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Venture

So I figured I would use over 120 ziplocs a month with my kids in lunch this year.Way too many. So I researched ALOT about these bags and decided to make them. The inside is food safe procare barrier. BPA free and has been tested in compliance with food safe standards. It can be washed in the washing machine on cool. YEAH. Wash it with your towels. I hang dryed the one I tested. Wipe clean and enjoy!! I am excited about these!! Hope you enjoy!!
I put ribbon tabs so little hands could easily pull it open!

I am offering these great bags for 10 dollars for the set. A sandwich and a snack bag.

I have TONS of fabric!!!!!

Note if I need to ship it I will charge an extra 1.50

Contact me at

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Target Trip

This was a fun day....slurpies were a dollar today at the snack bar so I bribed the kids with them.

I need though dress nicer for target trips.

Ran into our Pastor...father of 3 but only had one with him.

Here was I wiped out and had all 4 in toe.

Kinda funny!


Here is my deals for Target! ENJOY!

First deal - 3 Shick Razors 7.99
3 - Manufactor coupons for 4.00 dollars off
3 - Target coupons for 5.00 dollars off
Total - FREE plus I earned 3.03

Second Deal - Trix Cereal 2.33
Manufactor coupon 1.00 off
Total 1.33

Third Deal - Huggies Diapers and Huggies wipes Total 14.98
Manufactor coupon 2.00 off wipes
Manufactor coupon 3.00 off diapers
Target coupon 3.50 when you buy both.
Total for both 6.48 or 3.24 each

Forth Deal - Qtips 2.39
Manufactor coupon 1.00 off
Total 1.39

Fifth Deal - Finish Dish Tablets 5.99 ( good price cause it gave you 25%more free)
Manufactor coupon 2.50 off
Total - 3.49

Sixth Deal - Terikai Sauce 1.72
Manufactor coupon for 1.00 off
Total .72

Seventh Deal - 2 Wishbone dressing on clearance for 1.18 each
2 - manufactor coupons for .75 off
Total for both 86 cents or 43 cents each

Eighth Deal - 2 ocean spray Blueberry juice 1.98 each
manufactor coupon for 1.00 off
manufactor coupon for .55 off
Total for both 241 each 120

Nineth Deal 3 Delmonte frozen fruit pops 2.04 each
3 manufactor coupons for 1.00 off
Total 3.12 or each 1.04

Tenth Deal - LA works hair gel 1.98
Manufactor coupon for 1.00 off
Total .98

Eleventh Deal - Target lunch Meat 2.84
Target coupon for 1.00 off
Total 1.84

Twelvth Deal -Kinda confusing
Target coupon had get a free glad tuperware with three things.
So First was a bag of kingsford charcoal. 7.54
manufactor coupon 1.00 off
Total 6.54
Second was a bottle of Ranch 1.99
Manufactor coupon 1.00 off
Total .99
Third bottle of Barbque sauce 1.42
manufactor coupon 1.00 off
Total .42
Total for all 7.95
PLUS got a free pack of glad tuperware.

SO all was supposed to be 80.62
After coupons 27.54!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a quick trip to cvs!

I needed to get out of the house with the kids! So I really didnt see any deals I had to have at cvs but I knew they had mnms cheap/ SO I bribed my kids with them.

So in 15 minutes this is what I got....

First Deal
MnMs are buy one get one free at cvs.
I had 5 buy one get a free pretzel mnm free.
So 10 bags of mnms FREE

Second Deal
Stride gum for on sale for .88
2 coupons bogo free
So 4 packs for 1.76 total or 44 cents each

Third Deal
4 Colgate toothpaste on sale .89
4 coupons 75 cents off
4 tubes total .56 or .14 cents each

Forth Deals
There is tons of clearance just have to hunt.
Loreal Eye liner clearance 2.12
Loreal Lip gloss clearance 2.12
2 Loreal dou lipgloss at 3.25 each
Total 10.74
I had 4 1.00 off loreal makeup coupons.
Total 6.74 for all 4!

My total for this quick trip.
Pretty good!
The bottom of the recipt said I saved 57.92

I will be going to Target tommorow and that will make for some good deals!

Monday, June 21, 2010


So I ventured out on my very first CVS and WALGREENS trip. OMG and 4 kids. So I sat and looked at the add for 15 minutes to make sure I had a game plan! SOOO here is what I did.

Here is the CVS deals
I had to do 3 transactions. I will break them down by transaction and bucks subtracted at the bottom

First transaction -
2 - colgate total 2.77 ( each toothpaste gets 2 bucks in cash back, 4 bucks total)
1 - Gilette Fuision razor for 9.99 ( get 5 dollars bucks back )
2 -1 dollar manufactor coupons for colgate
1 -4 dollar manufactor coupon for gillete
Total 9.53
(I got 9 dollars in extra bucks to be subtracted at the end of transaction 2)
I also got an extra 2 bucks on the recipt as a suprise. The lady says sometimes they do that randomly.:)

Second transaction -
Huggies diapers big box 80 diapers 19.99 (get 10 extra bucks back to be used on third transaction)
Manufactor coupon 3.00 off
Total 16.99
Subtract the bucks from above.
Total 5.99

Third transaction -
2 bottles pantene on clearance 4.99 half off. 2.49 each
2 1.00 manufactor coupons
2 bottles heinz big bottle ketchup 2 for 4.00
Pacifiers on clearance for .99
2 -Post cereal on sale 1.88 each
1.00 off manufactor coupon on 2.
Total 10.73
Minus the 10 cash from diapers .73 cents

Total for all transactions 16.25

The second is Walgreens.

I had do 3 transactions.

First -Herbal Essense shampoo. for 2.99

Manufactor coupon for 1.00 off

Got back in bucks 2.00 (which I will subtract on third transaction)

Total First transaction - 1.99

Second - Herbal Essence Shampoo for 2.99

Manufactor coupon for 1.00 off

Got back in bucks 2.00( I will subtract that at third transaction)

Total 1.99

2 cans Chicken of the sea 1.89 each

2 manufactor coupons for 1.00 off each

2 Walgreens coupons on sale for .99 each

Total FREE plus .02 cents

Total Second transaction - 1.97

Third - 2 walgreens ice cream on sale for 1.99

2 packs stride gum 1.59

BOGO coupon

Total 5.57
minus both 2.00 coupons.
Total 1.57

Total for all three transactions - 5.53
SOO both trips I spent a total of 21.78
pretty darn good.